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What do you think of this bibliography? Have I missed any important book
on the subject? Please help me in making this a useful refence for
everybody to use, if you care. Thank you



- Computer lib/Dream Machines by Ted Nelson, self published in 1974
(reprinted by Tempus Books in an updated form in 1987)
- An introduction to microcomputers (vol.0) by Adam Osborne, self
published in 1977
- The personal computer book by Robin Bradbeer, Gower, 1980
- The making of the Micro by Christopher Evans, Victor Gollancz Ltd.,
- Illustrating Computers by Day & Alcock, Pan Books, 1982
- The personal computer handbook by Varley/Graham, Pan Books Ltd., 1983
- Fire in the Valley by Freiberger/Swaine, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1984
- Bit by bit, an illustrated history of computers by Stan Augarten,
Ticknor and Fields, 1984
- The little Kingdom by Michael Moritz, William Morrow & Co. Inc., 1984
- Hackers by Steven Levy, Doubleday/Anchor, 1984
- Digital Deli by Steve Ditlea, Workman Publishing, 1984
- Silicon Valley Fever by Robers, Everett & Larson, Basic Books, 1984
- Woz by Doug Garr ?
- The Third Apple by Jean-Louis Gassee, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985
- The Sinclair story by Rodney Dale, Duckworth, 1985
- Sinclair and the age of the rising sun technology by Adamson and
Kennedy, Penguin, 1986
- John Sculley, Odissey by John Byrne, Harper & Row, 1987
- Steve Jobs, the journey is the reward by Jeffrey S. Young, Scott,
Foresman & Co., 1988
- Accidental Millionaire by Lee Butcher, Paragon House, 1988
- West of Eden by Frank Rose, Viking, 1989
- Hard Drive by Wallace & Erickson, John Wiley & Sons, 1992
- Whole Earth Software review magazine, Whole Earth Review
- Wired magazine
- A collector's guide to PERSONAL COMPUTERS and pocket calculators (an
historical, rarity and value guide) by Dr.Thomas F.Haddock, Books
Americana, 1993
- Accidental Empires by Robert X.Cringely, Harper Business, 1993
- Insanely great by Steven Levy, Penguin Books, 1994
- The Microprocessor: a Biography by Michael S. Malone,
Telos/Springer-Verlag, 1995
- The Chip and How It Changed the World (History and Invention) by Ian
Locke, 1995.

NOTE: If I had to have only one book I would choose Computer lib. Some
of these books are out of print. If you would like
to find them you will have to go through a book finding service. I use
Culpin's Bookshop, 3827 W.32nd Ave., Denver, CO
80211, USA. The ones in print can be ordered through your local bookshop
or by post from Computer Literacy bookshop,
2590 North First Street, SAN JOSE', CA 95131, USA, tel.(703) 734-7771,
fax (703) 734-7773.

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