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Date: Sun Jun 22 15:42:00 1997

> He also has the line on hundreds of Panasonic RL-H18 palmtops. This is a
> palmtop which came out around 1985 and had FORTH in ROM. It also has a
> 20-col (or 40-col?) thermal printer and a case which bundles the two
> together. His company also developed an expansion "tray" which houses
> extra memory that the Panasonic can access through bank-switching. He
> sold this product to (I believe) an insurance firm and now they want to
> dump them all.

Are these the same as the Panasonic HHC? I've got a couple of those.
They look like a glorified calculator (but wide and short instead of long
and skinny) with a QWERTY on it... one-line display, and they take
programs in the form of ROM chips that you actually plug into the sockets
in the back of the bugger. One of mine I got from a guy who used to work
for an insurance company. He had taken a suit case, lined it with foam
rubber and then cut out holes for the HHC and components to fit in... sort
of a makeshift laptop, an idea ahead of its time. As I reacall, the HHC
runs a 6502 and has 4K RAM. Radio shack sold the same machine under its
own name for a while, but I forget what they called it. A friend of mine
had one in Jr High and I was really jealous because he could program
entire algebra formulas into it so that he could just feed it the numbers
and it'd spit out the answers (it was cool for 1986).

Is the HHC and the RL-H18 related?
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