From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 18:33:13 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> > What do you think of this bibliography? Have I missed any important book
> > on the subject? Please help me in making this a useful refence for
> > everybody to use, if you care. Thank you
> >
> > - An introduction to microcomputers (vol.0) by Adam Osborne, self
> > published in 1977
> An excellent book - but why do you leave out the other more
> technical books by Osborne? Some of them go into great depth
> in comparing some of the more bizarre early microcomputer chips
> with very similar minis of the time.

        The whole Adam Osborne 'microcomputers' series are *still*
valuable books as technical trainers. I used to have the series, but for
some reason have only book 0 left. I wish they would be reissued with a
bent towards the home computer hobbyist as it was. Even just republishing
the old series would probably be a money maker as, no doubt, there are
many who still remember the quality of his books.

        If anyone wishes to sell any Osborne titles, especially from the
'microcomputer' series, I'm a buyer.

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