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From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 19:57:39 1997

Thought I would toss out some of my experiences with shipping out of the
country. I've sold a few items to various people in other countries (not
all computer stuff though). Only problem I've had was waiting for
payment. Sometimes it's not sent, sometimes it get's lost. The buyer
covers shipping and any taxes/duty when they get delivery.

Japan: I sold a couple old Apples as I think they're pretty popular for
collectibles there. Hard to find. Some people I sold to were US citizens
living there. Shipping is cheapest via USPS slow boat and the customs
paperwork is one small form.

Australia: Sold some small stuff. Payment arrived faster than most US
mail. Shipping is cheap for under 4 lbs "small packets" via USPS and
again Customs is a piece of cake.

Europe: Austria, Italy. They seem to have a problem with the mail. I
sold some cheaper stuff so the buyer sent a money order - lost. Then he
sent cash - lost. Ended up wiring the money. According to him he sent
out 12 payments at one time and 5 never arrived at the destination. I'd
say wiring money is better. Again customs is easy. USPS tells you what
to fill out.

Canada: Piece of cake. Just be honest on the contents/value.

Guam: Shipping is really cheap because its serviced by USPS. Like
mailing within the continental US!

There was some controversy a while back about exporting collectibles.
Supposedly you could buy a concours collector's car for $20k, ship it to
europe or Japan and sell it for $50k. Some collectors thought this was
treason or something. I really don't know. What I usually sell doesn't
fall into any "rare" category and most of it was sold all over the world
anyway, just in lesser quantities or slightly different versions.

One guy I sold to was in the US. I asked him why he was buying a pile of
old Apples, he was putting together complete systems and shipping them
to Japan. Funny, Apple had/has a ton of manufacturing in Japan. I wonder
if they limit sales there.
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