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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jun 22 19:42:12 1997

On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, A.R. Duell wrote:

> IMHO that's a much nicer way to do it than the Apple method which means
> you have to know which slot each card is in (and, in a lot of cases there
> are 'standard' slots for particular cards that you'd better stick to. What
> do you do if you want _2_ 80 column displays in the same machine? One in
> slot 3, what about the other one).

That was a limitation introduced with the //e. The 80 column board had
its own special slot that took over slot 3 if you had it populated.
However, nothing was stopping you from putting another 80-column board
(such as a Videx) in another slot and using that, although I can't think
for the life of me why you'd need two 80-column cards.

> > > Saving components is only 'good' when it doesn't affect performance. I am
> > > not convinced that this is the case with the Apple ][
> >
> > Oh - you'd have preferred Wozniak to use single-density FM, getting
> > only 90kbytes per 5.25" floppy, over the GCR which lets you get
> As it happens, yes I would if it meant I could transfer data to just about
> any other machine of the time.

That's what serial cards and null modems are for :)

(I think this discussion has acheived 'holy war' status).

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