Bad Feelings...

From: e.tedeschi <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 02:37:08 1997

Jim Willing wrote:
> *If* it is worthwhile to me, and I believe that I can get the item to/from
> a point intact, fine. I'll probably do it. If not, thanks for the
> interest and have a nice day. If you don't like it and want to start a
> flame war, go right ahead but you will do it *without* me! (for the most
> part)
> (trying to calm down now...)

I am sorry, I did not want to answer anymore about this, BUT I must
point out that, obviously, I did not make myself clear enough. I never
said the things contained in your message (which I cut down to just one
phrase). The whole point was NOT about shipping but about your cultural
approach to collecting...but let's get down to business now (collecting
that is).

I am calm but disappointed...

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