apple II - SCORE!

From: Bill Girnius <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 08:23:53 1997

I use alcohol, windex, fingernail paint remover and other noxious things to
clean apple][ cases, just avoid getting the nastiest of these solvents on
things like the little lite that says power, or the apple ][ logos on
monitors or the name badge at the top of the machine. I've also heard that
some people will dissasemble the computer leaving the empty shell, take out
EVERYTHING, and run the plastic case through the dishwasher, not using the
Heated drying cycle of course.

As for key repair, they are little plastic wedges that are shoved against
two vertically mounted contacts, counter forced by a small spring. You can
not remove the keys without damage. To repair a keyboard you have two
options, One, Replace the entire keyboard, or aquire a ][ for parts and
remove the keyboard from the unit, the contacts are soldered into the
keyboard cirucuit board. You can then replace the switch. The Key caps
can be removed. but you can't get to the switch of course without
destroying it, or desoldering it as a unit. I have manually recontructed
them before, but they never seem to work quite right once forced open, but
the do function enough to use as long as it's not an alpha charcter, or god
forbid the enter key.

> From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: apple II - SCORE!
> Date: Sunday, June 22, 1997 11:57 PM
> OK, I just got my first decent item since I stopped collecting
> several years ago. This is an original apple II, serial number 7833. It
> came with what appears to be the Microsoft basic language card. The card
> contains six 24 pin sockets, five filled by PROMs (C48040; each with an
> APPLE 1978 sticker), a red switch on the back, and another sticker on the
> board's surface reading: 851. Just below that sticker printed on the
> it says ROM CARD 600. There's also a disk II interface card, circa '78,
> but the drive itself was unavailable. Could someone verify if that card
> *is* the Integer BASIC replacement, or Microsoft BASIC?
> The motherboard is functional, video works just fine, it seems
> filled out with 48K of that old Military grade metal topped RAM;
> the PSU is good. The keyboard is a mess, hoewver. It's been sitting in a
> basement for years, so many keys have gummed up; some seem to have been
> in a perpetual depressed state waiting out obsolesence like Atlas. The
> machine itself is filthy. The plastic case has just burned in grime from
> years of use and then even more years of basement ambiance.
> I'm guessing that some folks here may know a bit more about
> system restoration. Mind if I ask a few questions?
> How do I go about cleaning this without destroying the case? Does
> anyone know of some good solvents or cleaners for plastic?
> Can I pull a keytop off the keyboard without destroying the key?
> If it's really bad I guess I could change keyboards - but I'd really like
> to attempt to get this guy working, as it was the original.
> And then there's stuff: I lack a floppy disk drive. Hmmm... how
> rare is hard disk technology that will work with this apple? Hahaha,
> here's a good one: does anyone know if ever there's been manufactured
> 10base-T cards, or am I just dreaming here? If so, guess I'll be looking
> for a SuperSerial card as well.
> And basic 'dumb' (no time to RTFM quite yet!!) questions: How do
> I get out of the ROM monitor into BASIC? I guess I need some basic DOCS
> here as well as a good technical reference, huh?. I figure most of the
> 'stuff' can be had on comp.sys.apple2.marketplace and the M.I.T. flea
> fest approaching on July 20. If anyone wishes, however, please feel free
> to offer items for sale. I want to get this computer clean and
> *functional*, but I'm also not in a hury to do it tomorrow. ;-)
> Price: I got it FREE! 8-))
> And the guy couldn't imagine why I'd want it!!!
> J. Maynard Gelinas
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