From: Dan Rector <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 10:20:02 1997


I guess it's about time that I introduce myself. I've been lurking here
for a month or better. I guess I really have not responded before
because I didn't really have much to add especially to the discussions
of late 70's stuff and the discussions of minis.

My main interests (although I enjoy reading all of this) is the older
systems based on the IBM-PC (XT & AT class) machines and PS/2s which I
know is a bit more current than many of you like. I also have a
Commodore 64 and Plus/4 and periphs, I guess I can qualify based on

I really didn't start out to be a collector, but kind of fell into it.
The Plus/4 was the first computer my family ever had, so I've now taken
over the care and nurturing of it. I picked up my C64 a couple of years
ago from my former minister who had is sitting in his closet. He had
two 1541s, a MPS-803 printer, vicmodem, fast load cartrigde, joystick,
and monitor, plus a ton of software. He wanted $30 for the lot after I
enquired. I was in hog heaven but why wife rolled up her eyes and said
"What are you going to do with THAT!"

The XTs and PS/2s were give aways. I've really been having fun with the
PS/2 Mod 60 (a 286 w/ one 1M and 40M HD). I have been watching
AuctionWeb and have added pieces to bring it up to a '486 with 8 meg
with SCSI periphs.

One of the more interesting 'gives' I have since obtained is the Amstrad
PC1512 - It's an XT class machine with built in joystick port in the
keyboard (uses same joystick as C64), built it mouse port, serial and
parrallel built in with the expansion slots going left to right rather
than front to back. The power supply for the whole thing is in the
monitor. The case has a 'cutout' for the the stand of the monitor to
fit into. It also uses 4 AA bateries for the clock which are easily
accessible (move the monitor). It is really a neat design.

I live in Rochester, MN - so I'm not close to either coast (but Canada
isn't that far away)

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