Vector 3-5030

From: David Betz <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 11:06:41 1997

Marvin wrote:
> David Betz wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know anything about the Vector 3-5030 from Vector Graphics?
> > Is it considered a collectable? I recently found one at the town dump
> > and brought it home. It displays some sort of ROM monitor screen when
> I just had a phone call from an acquaintance who used to work for Vector
> Graphic. If you have any questions, I can forward them to him. I
> always find it nice to be able to talk with people that actually worked
> for the companies who built these classics!

Thanks for your offer to help. I'm finding that getting ancient CP/M
machines running is more work than I had expected. I think I'll stick
with the old Epson PX-8 that I've got in the closet if I get interested
in playing with CP/M again. If you know anyone who might be interested
in the Vector 3 I'd be happy to give it to them. Unfortunately, it
probably isn't worth what it would cost to ship it from NH.


David Betz
(603) 472-2389
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