FS on AuctionWeb: Apple, Atari, Commodore

From: Greg Mast <gmast_at_polymail.cpunix.calpoly.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 23 12:34:34 1997

I apologize for the intrusion but I just bought a lot of Apple service
parts for older apples (IIe, IIc, IIGS) and listed some of the ones I
don't need on the auction. They were supposedly in stock at a service
facility when they cleaned out the old stuff.

I'mm still intending on clearing out most of my stuff but I couldn't
pass up a good deal. I did get some parts for my laserwriter, Mac plus,
a couple new in box 400k drives. Too bad I had to buy 30 boxes to get
the 5 things I wanted. ;-)

There are also some systems listed. Here's what I have listed there as
of today:

Apple IIe Power Supply (new in box!)
    Bidding starts at: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 06/29/97, 11:58:50 PDT

IBM PS/2 MOD 50 Mother Board (in box)
    Bidding starts at: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 06/29/97, 12:07:10 PDT

Apple IIe Ext 80 Column/RGB Card (in box)
    Current bid: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 06/29/97, 17:54:14 PDT

bjv77574: Apple IIGS Memory Expansion Card (in box)
    Current bid: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 06/29/97, 17:58:41 PDT

oyf368: Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer I (photo)
    Current bid: $3.00
    Auction ends on: 06/29/97, 19:33:30 PDT

fwr8114: Radio Shack TRS-80 5 MB Ext. Hard Drive (pic)
    Bidding starts at: $3.00
    Auction ends on: 06/29/97, 20:19:52 PDT

Pair Apple IIc, IIe Handcontrollers (photo)
    Current bid: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 06/26/97, 12:40:28 PDT

Commodore 128D System
    Current bid: $51.00
    Auction ends on: 06/26/97, 21:12:47 PDT

Commodore 64 - White
    Current bid: $10.00
    Auction ends on: 06/26/97, 21:16:04 PDT

Apple IIC System with External Floppy
    Current bid: $10.50
    Auction ends on: 06/26/97, 21:22:31 PDT

Atari 520ST Computer, Floppy, Mouse, etc
    Current bid: $50.00
    Auction ends on: 06/26/97, 21:26:58 PDT
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