Jr. Dragons?

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Date: Mon Jun 23 09:09:19 1997

> First, I have a question: Was there much difference between the Dragon 32
> and the Dragon 64, or is that just a designation of how much memory it had?
> Also, I have 1 1/2 IBM-PC Jr.'s sitting in my basement collecting dust.
> They used to be complete, non-working machines (one with a "sidecar" I
> believe it's called) whereas I did get one "almost working" with spares for
> the second.
> The almost working comes in as I didn't have a monitor for them, and altho
> they did have the RF Modulator to use a TV with, I could never get a clear
> picture thru that port. I could tell that the machine booted and worked,
> and I could see changes on the screen so the keystrokes were being
> recognized, and simple DOS commands did seem to have output, but it was
> nowhere readable.
> As such, right now I have 1 complete Jr with floppy drive, sidecar, and
> 128K mem expansion (I believe... hafta look at the chips & calculate the
> storage) with an extra internal floppy drive, an extra motherboard, an
> extra keyboard (neither are chicklet, and one has a few stuck keys) I think
> there was a Lotus 123 cartridge with it (but I heard rumors that it needed
> a disk as well?) and a basic cartridge. There may be more stuff, but I
> haven't looked at it since the move...
I am looking for a 128k sidecar... if you are aware you can modify it
to get 512k out of it by soldering work and adding one IC and
jumpering. The commerical used parts reseller is asking far too much
for what these old computer worth even in parts alone!

> Are you interested in it?
> HTH,
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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