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Date: Mon Jun 23 09:28:29 1997

> Welp, that rules out rigging one, thats beyond my techincal ability to
> fabricate. Anyone have an Extra for sale or trade?
They're underrated but you can just get one to keep orginals but I
could supply you a adapter for your own use with a PC power supply
box. This way, you can simply plug in and go?

I do not know where to get these black transformer bricks. The
PCjr around here is rare as hen's teeth in my hometown. :)
Considering that, I was lucky to find it in standard configuration of
parallel port side car and the box but no cartidges! :(

I also overheard that someone was trying to use TV with PCjr, you
missed something really needed: demodulator box or find a computer
compsite monitor which works better especially in 80 column mode.
Commorde color monitors is good picks for this.

Jason D.
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