C64 CP/M carts

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Mon Jun 23 12:01:32 1997

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Dan Rector wrote:

> I was looking through a book I had picked up a year or so ago called
> "The Elementary Commodore 64". Towards the front amongst the
> description of various types of peripherals available for the C64 under
> the title "Other Gadgets" was this:
> Z-80 CP/M -- This cartridge goes right into the cartridge slot to turn
> your machine into a Z-80 base computer enabling you to access the vast
> array of CP/M software. With over 2000 CP/M software programs
> available, there is little you will not be able to access.

You can find one for sale from time to time on the usenet. What I am
looking for is an expansion box called the Spartan which enable the C64
to run Apple ][ software. It was an emulator, basically.

On another note, has anyone ever seen (or have) a Basis-xxx? I know it
has a number in the name, but I can't remember it. It was an Apple ][
clone that also ran CP/M I believe? Something like that. I'm sure
someone knows about it. I only knew one guy who ever had one, but I never
saw it. It was a friend in high school back in 1989.

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