Bad Feelings...

From: Eric Fischer <>
Date: Mon Jun 23 15:59:16 1997

Sam Ismail <> wrote,

> > Debugging. You can run your program on one screen, and have debugging
> > output/debugger output on the second screen. I did that once on a PS/2 when
> > I was writing code to manage the 8514 display. It was very nice to see not
> > only the output, but have the debugger not munging the display.
> You couldn't do that on an Apple. It only had one video output. Unless
> the 80-col card in question had a seperate video output. And then you'd
> have to go back to that clever programming thing.

But that is how traditional Apple II 80-column cards worked -- they
had their own video output that you had to attach to another monitor
or switch back and forth by hand. The spiffy ones had a switch to
flip back and forth, or the *really* spiffy ones could even do it
in software. But it was only with the IIe that the 80-column video
started to be automatically a part of the internal video output.
Before that, the card might as well have been a terminal attached
to a Super Serial card.

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