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Date: Mon Jun 23 19:00:52 1997

Something is odd here. There was some 25 PCjr messages in my box.
Somehow the discussion didn't get to me 'til it was underway.
I did go through them but I don't know anything. :)
Anyway, assuming PC Enterprises still carries this stuff, you might want
to check with them. The catalogue also doubles as an information source
since they give a few paragraphs on various tech stuff.
For instance what happens when your system board malfunctions, etc.

Here's some stuff from their PCjr catalogue that may
be of interest. There's a lot so this is just a few.

  PCjr System Board #78739 $98
  Power Supply Transformer (brick) #78712 $44
  PCjr Power Supply Card (original) #78707 $49.95
  PCjr Power Supply Card (heavy duty) #78729 $69.95
  64K Memory & Display Expansion #78709 $50
  Cartridge BASIC #78722 $119
  Configuration Plus Cartridge #18026 $29.95
    Allows for using BASIC/BASICA if you don't have
    Cartridge BASIC
  Compatibility Cartridge #18032 $39.95
    Allows for running "modern" DOS apps that normally have
    problems with the PCjr BIOS
  Combo Cartridge V3.0 #18034 $89.95
    Combination of four different cartridges (available separatly):
    Compatibility, Quicksilver (memory speedup), Keyboard Buffer,
    jrVideo (video speedup).
  jrExcellerator Speed-up Board #14802 $99
  Megaboard Sidecard #14031 $199
    Adds 1MB to anything else you already have.
  Load High Sidecar #97509 $35
    Brings 640K system to 736K
There's a lot more (drives, video, etc.). Also info and memory expansion
for Rapport, Racore, and Quadram users.

This catalogue is from 1995 and no doubt they don't have everything
anymore (if their lack of Tandy parts is any indication).
PC Enterprises is the reason I have EMS and SCSI on my Tandy 1000 HX
but most of the stuff they used to have is no more.
1-800-922-7257 or 908-280-0025.
Getting help is also a problem.


Marc D. Williams
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