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From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 01:42:57 1997

Well after getting my Educator 64 working (yipee!) and realizing I have
alot of the Commodores I kinda wanted to collect from years back I
decided to write out a quick list (a>this is from memory so there
probably is stuff missing and b>it in no way shows how many repeats of
items I have (like 3 VIC-20s, umpteen datasettes, etc.) c>I have NO
interested in selling any of it.) Hope you find it interesting. (=))

Larry's Commodore Collection:

 Minuteman 6
 Minuteman 6x
 Custom Greenline
 Rechargable (greenline?)
 Model 784D

PET Series
 Original PET with original ROMs and 32k ExpandaPET board
 PET 2001 Series w/Upgrade ROMs 32k
 PET 2001 Series w/4.0 ROMS & MTU VM Graphics Board
 CBM 2001 Series 32k
 PET 4000 Series w/32k
 CBM 8032
 SuperPET Model SP9000
PET/IEEE-488 Peripherals/Firmware
 RAM/ROM EPROM emulator
 Centronics Printer Interface
 4040 Dual Disk Drive
 2031LP Single Disk Drive
 8023 Wide Carriage Dot-Matrix Printer
 Original 'modified' Sanyo cassete deck
 C2N Datasette in black case
 C2N Datasette in cream case w/counter
 Toolkit ROMs (upgrade and 4.0 versions)

VIC-20 Series
 VIC-20 (DIN power Supply)
VIC-20 Peripherals/Firmware
 Commodore Joystick
 Commodore Paddle Controllers
 Commodore C2N/1530 low-profile datasettes
 Commodore VIC-1541 Single Disk Drive
 Cardco Cartridge expansion unit
 Koala Pad
 MSD 24k RAM cartridge
 Commodore 8k RAM cartridge
 Commodore 3k+SuperExpander Cartridge
 HES HESMON utility cartridge
 Omega Race
 Tooth Invaders
 Radar Ratrace
 Donkey Kong
 Cosmic Cruncher
C64/B-128 Series
 Commodore 64 (8-Pin Video)
 Commodore 64 w/stereo SID modification
 Commodore SX-64 portable
 Commodore P-500
 Educator 64 (Commodore 64 in PET/CBM 4000/8000 style case)
64/B-128 Series Peripherals/Firmware
 Commodore 1702 Color Monitor
 Commodore 1541 Disk Drive
 Star Micronis NX1000C Dot Matrix Printer
 Citizen iDP560CD 2 3/4" wide Dot Matrix Printer
 Kinney Video Digitizer
 Alien Group Alien Voicebox Voice Synthesiser
 Currah Technologies Voicemaster 64
 Wico Trackball controller
 Total Telecommunications 300 Baud Modem
 Inkwell Tech. Lightpen
 Jumpman Jr.
 SuperGraphics Jr.
 HESMon 64

Commodore 264 series:
 Commodore 16
 Commodore Plus/4
 Commodore Plus/4 w/standard 64 PS connector
264 Peripherals/Firmware
 Atari style joystick adapter
 Datasette plug adapter
 +4/16 joystick
 Jack Attack
 Plus Calc
 Plus Script
Commodore 128/128D series
 Commodore 64C
 Commodore 128
 Commodore 128D (missing keyboard)

Commodore 128 Series Peripherals
 Commodore 1670 1200 Baud Modem
 Commodore Modem 300 - 300 Baud Modem
 Commodore 1902 Color Monitor
 Commodore 1541C Disk Drive
 Commodore 1541-II Disk Drive
 Commodore 1571 Disk Drive
 Commodore 1581 3.5" Micro Floppy Disk Drive
 Commodore 1764 RAM Expansion Unit
 Commodore 1351 Mouse
 CMD RAMLink Ram Expansion Unit
 CMD HD series Hard Drive Unit
 Aprotek 2400 Baud Modem
 SuperSnapshot 5 Utility Cartridge

Lotsa Joysticks... ;)

Still Looking for:
 8050 Dual Disk Drive
 8250 Dual Disk Drive
 SFD-1001 Single Floppy Drive
 8010 Modem (acoustic coupler)
 4010 Voice Response Unit (speech synthesiser)
 CBM 9060/9090 Hard Disk Unit
 B-128/B-256 Series Computer
 Computereyes for Commodore 64
 Commodore comaptible EPROM programmer
 Commodore 65
 Commodore LCD (I wish!)
 Serial<->IEEE-488 interfaces
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