Commodore P-500

From: Benedict Chong <>
Date: Tue Jun 24 02:15:24 1997

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%All I can do is give you the U.S. perspective on this machine, since
%haven't heard any stories on the European distribution of P-500s.

I've seen described in French computer magazines (e.g. Microsystems in
their banc d'essais) a number of post-PET computers. The P500 was one
of them. There was also a P700. This was circa 1984-85.

If memory serves, they are like the original PETs except for a more
aerodynamic casing and much better internal circuitry and also
built-in floppy drives. I think there was even one version with an
8088 for youknowwhat compatibility.

I went to an electronics component shop in Lyon once and they used one
such machine for inventory/receipt/payment control. Everything ran on
the two floppy drives.

The problem with these machines, I think, was that they were
essentially 6502-based business machines and lost out to the IBM PC's
8/16-bit architecture.

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