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From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Tue Jun 24 03:03:50 1997

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, e.tedeschi wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> There is no desire from my part to start another flame war (but a
> discussion, yes) but in answer to the many that have expressed (here or
> privately) their total disinterest for the *meaning* the *history* and
> the *culture* behind our collections may I ask them to consider what
> their machines would mean without somebody behind (or rather in front)
> of them. Machines are just pieces of metal and plastic. They mean
> something because they are related to the minds, fingers, emotions,
> life, behaviours and destinies of the people behind them. YOU love so
> much that piece of hadware for what it meant to you (or to somebody else
> you are related with), to your life, to your history of for it meant to
> the history of mankind.
> So I am asking *you*, lover of the hardware to reconsider your thoughts
> and ask yourself what would your collection mean without all of the
> above. I, for one, will be glad to learn that you had second toughts
> about this. In either cases it could be useful to read here your
> motivations.

Do you have a point to make in all this? Seriously, I've been following
this from the beginning and I have yet to understand where this wild hair
up your ass came from. Please, for the love of humanity, stop.

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