C=1570 Drive (was Re:C64 CP/M carts)

From: steve <steve_at_kennard.keme.co.uk>
Date: Tue Jun 24 16:31:12 1997

At 21:44 20/06/97 +0100, we wrote:
>>>Besides, I was talking about CP/M for the Commodore 1541 drive. That's a
>>>multi-speed drive that uses GCR encoding, not MFM. Try writing THAT with
>>>22DISK on your PC-clone.
>>>I used to know that only C=1570 and C=1571 were capable to read and write
>>CP/M disks in a proper way. (GCR+MFM)
>>By the way anyone else apart me owning a C=1570 here?
>>i own a 1570, its a american one with a step down transformer, Its
>connected to my PC, and guess what, it writes CPM!!!
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Hi Steve,
Yours was the only one response I get (since now) from C=1570 owners
Mine was made in Germany (did you buy it in the U.S.?)


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