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Bill Whitson wrote:
> This thread is over. Do not respond to it again. If you wish to
> continue this discussion do so by private e-mail. I don't want to
> be a jerk about this but I made it pretty clear yesterday that this
> is off-topic.
> If you wish to take issue with this contact me privately.
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AS you might have noticed I have not answered to messages to thsi topic

It would be usefuls if you as the list operator, could clarify if this
is only a technical topics list or if it is not possible to talk about
the *history* of computing. As I have recently expressed here I believe
that we all love old computers for what they mean in relation to the
history of humanity an not only for the bare hardware (and software).
Please note that I think I have quite a pretty extensive and balanced
hardware collection in my Museum and so this is *not* something like the
Esopo's story of the wolf and the sour grapes....

Thank you

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