pieces of metal and plastic

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Date: Wed Jun 25 02:16:46 1997

Uncle Roger wrote:
> At 04:09 PM 6/24/97 +0000, you wrote:
> >Your lovely machines (whichever they are) live *only* because there
> >someone (you or another human person) to make it work and appreciate the
> >results. They *only* live in your (or somebody else's) mind. And that is
> >why their history is important because it's not their history that we
> >appreciate but the sentiments, feelings, joy and sadness of the people
> >who used them!
> What yer saying then, is, that we should collect to remember the impact each
> computer had on our individual lives and on the lives of the people around
> us, rather than simply because a machine is physically attractive,
> technically impressive, or financially successful.

What I am saying is that that particular machine is attractive,
impressive or successfull because *YOU*, your friends, other people
think, thought, did not think, did not thought, that it was so. In short
for its history. Otherwise it is just a piece of metal and plastic.


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