MSX, TRS-80, Colour Genie, etc.

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Date: Thu Jun 26 08:46:28 1997

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To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Subject: MSX, TRS-80, Colour Genie, etc.

> I am located in central Nebraska, USA, and am looking for the following to
> add to my collection. If you have these systems or might be able to get
> them for me at a reasonable price, PLEASE e-mail me.
> MSX computer
> Colour Genie
> TI 99/4a

        I have a Colour Genie and a Sony HitBit HB75 and also a Ti99/4A
        as I live in germany sending the TI99/4A makes no sense but if you
        are interested in the other items drop me a note. I would like to
        swap them on a "I send them to you and pay on my own and you send
        me some other stuff and pay for the shipping". What do you think?

        Here my URL for some other stuff I have to trade:

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