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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Jun 25 12:21:03 1997

> What worries me is that in a lot of cases, the older machines are more
> useable than the modern Wintel equivalents. This applies both to a new
> user (somebody who just wants to write 2 page letters does _NOT_ (or
> should not) need a 166MHz Pentium with 16Mbytes of RAM), and to 'hackers'
> who want to understand their machines. It's possible for one person to
> complete understand both the hardware and software of most classic
> computers - something that (IMHO) is not possible with a Wintel box.

Same here. In reality I use my s100 crate, ampro, and sb180 to produce
8048/9 and 8051 code as they really are faster and easier to use. Also
being as I have them interconnected it's easier to blast proms in the
s100 crate. Efficient, very! I've had nearly 20 years to refine the code
and tools! I have the advantage of having source code for those tools so
and long latent bugs are easily squashed. This is not doable on PCs.

I still do my banking/checkbook on the kaypro! Faster than the PC overall.

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