From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Jun 25 13:08:15 1997

Glenn Roberts wrote:
> did your haul include the *source code* listings for HDOS? HDOS was one of
> the few OS'es for which one could get source listings back then (of course
> there was also UCSD Pascal). I'd love to pursue the possibility of posting
> these on the internet somewhere if we could get permission from Zenith Data
> Systems (I presume they're the owners of rights to this now?) There's
> already a fair amount out there that's been reverse engineered but why not
> make the original available?

Yes, there are two volumes of listings for the HDOS source code. I
don't know if it is on disk there or only in printed form, but it would
be nice to make that listing available!
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