Archiving Stuff

From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Wed Jun 25 15:05:37 1997

Hi all.

Consider Classiccmp Web/FTP open for your archiving pleasure ;).

The process has been more or less tested out and is ready to go.
Submissions of Software, Documentation, ROM code, whatever are all

What really remains to be done is to work out standards for file
formats. I'll let those of you who are experts on specific platforms
argue that out. I'll follow whatever ensues and firm up some

To submit something you need to download the form DS-form.txt from
the FTP site ( and fill it out to the best of your
ability. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form for uploading.

All the form does is provide evidence (if anyone ever complains) that
I'm not just uploading copyrighted material without a care.

Anyway - if you're itching to archive stuff feel free. Your comments
are welcome and also unavoidable ;)


      Bill Whitson - Classic Computers ListOp or
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