Apple /// stuff (was: Re: This weekend's haul)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Jun 25 07:47:45 1997

On 25-Jun-97, Sam Ismail wrote:

>I've been really lucky in that respect. All my disks seem to be working
>fine even after 10 years (tap on silicon). I still even have my first
>two Dysan floppies that my friend gave me for my computer class in 9th
>grade. Haven't booted them in a while though.

   I've got plenty of original program disks for the Atari 800 that still work
after nearly 15 years. In fact, at the one thrift store I frequent, I picked
up a version of VisiCalc for the Atari 800, all original packaging, manuals,
cards, disks and all! The outside cardboard sleeve is a little worn
(afterall, it is from 1982), but the inside even smells new still. No wear on
the pages or anything. I've yet to try to read the diskette though.

    Amiga enthusiast and collector of early, classic microcomputers

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