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Date: Wed Jun 25 17:57:36 1997

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> I have an opportunity for an original Apple II. Keyboard
> works, the system prom boots, but unfortunately he lost the disk
> controller. He still has the old full height 5 1/4" drive, however. This
> thing is quite dirty, and a few keys will have to be cleaned carefully
> with alchol, but it looks good. I'm curious to know if I need to find
> anything other than the floppy controller. Didn't Microsoft Basic come on
> a prom card? Or was that on the floppy controller card? Or was there at
> one point a mixed controller/BASIC card?

Any Apple disk II controller will work. Apple originally offered an Integer
basic card (which contained integer basic in rom) for the Apple II+ series.
This solution was replaced by the 16K language card in slot 0. As part of the
boot up sequence DOS 3.3 would determine which basic was resident in rom and
load the other basic into the 16K on the language card. There was no mixed
controller/basic card. Language cards are plentiful and cheap so you should
have no trouble finding one.

Hope this helps.

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