Archive file formats (RE: Archiving Stuff)

From: Andy Brobston <>
Date: Wed Jun 25 22:34:27 1997

>> Compressed 1-bit, 300 dpi TIFF for schematics
>> - Almost everything supports TIFF, including tons of shareware and
[technical stuff snipped]
>I'm not so sure that "everything" supports TIFF. After a little looking,
>I couldn't even find a TIFF file to test with xv.

Is there anything for either OpenVMS/Alpha (No DEC/X-windows) or the
Apple IIGS that can read TIFF?

>> RTF (Rich Text Format) for text documents that use formatting
>> - WordPerfect, Word, WordPad, etc. will save in this format

How about HTML? That would likely be more readable for my shell
account (though not all formatting would be displayed in Lynx).

I suppose I could walk over to the computer lab and use a Mac or a PC
if I *had* to. :)
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