CBM 900

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> What information is there on the CBM 900? I was mailed by someone who has
> a working one and is looking for more information on the machine.

        What do you need? I have the Coherent-Disk the Manual and some technical
        diagramms for the C900.

> Any info
> would be lovely. Btw, his machine is apparently a prototype (it says so
> somewhere -- probably a sticker or something).

        Yes ist is a prototype. According to Jim Brains "cbmmodel":

            C900 Series: Prototype UNIX System, dropped after Amiga acquisition
                Zilog Z8000 CPU, Runs Coherent 0.7.3, UNIX 7 clone,
                Built-In Floppy, HD, IEEE-488. MFM Disk Controller, 1MB
          9600 bps, 500 units made. Came in two versions.

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