TRS-80 Model I info (RE: MSX, TRS-80, Colour Genie, etc.)

From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 03:37:24 1997

On 25 Jun 1997, Frank McConnell wrote:

> You left out the TRS-80 Screen Printer, a widget that plugs into the
> connector otherwise used for the Expansion Interface. Hit the switch
> on the front of the printer, and it ejects a few inches of silvery
> electrostatic paper with the image on your screen zapped dark on it.
> My understanding is that it grabs the image right out of the screen
> memory.

Yes, the screen printer wouldn't work with an EI. It needed full
unbuffered access to video RAM, and it read it off the bus. It didn't
screw anything up as I recall, it worked fine with Level I or II BASIC
but naturally not with Disk BASIC.

Try to imagine what it was like to try getting a program listing from
the damned thing.
Ward Griffiths
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