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Date: Thu Jun 26 15:31:52 1997

> What did they do in that filesystem?

I've always wondered myself. :)

I've only been able to find general information about the filesystem. I
know that the filenames that the user used weren't the actual filenames,
but just "tags" that referenced the actual filename (presumably some sort
of serial number). This allowed the user to make a copy of a file and
have the copy retain the same name as the original. For some reason,
this seemed more "logical" and in keeping with the desktop metaphor to
the Lisa designers. I understand that most Unix filesystems do this sort
of thing, but I think I skipped class the day we talked about filesystems
in my operating systems class.

And I also know that it has extensive abilities to rebuild it's
filesystem if something gets hurt. But I'm not sure of the technical
aspects of it.

I've been meaning to go to my university's library and research the Lisa,
because I know we've got several old computer magazines back to issue 1.
And I'm pretty sure that the IEEE had an article about the Lisa's
architecture in their journal sometime around 1983. Heh. They also have
a book about how to build your own Z80 machine... that's another one I've
been meaning to check out. But it really sucks since the Library is only
open from like 8am to midnight. Who ever heard of a university library
that's not 24-hours?? Anyway...
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