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From: A.R. Duell <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 22:13:22 1997

> Does anyone have information / know where I could find information on
> building a computer using 2901's? I know they were fairly common and
> I have (I'm almost positive) a few of the bare chips laying around
> home.

Well, there's the AMD 2900-series data book if you can still find a copy.
There's enough info in there if you already know how to design a
microcoded system to make one using the 2901's, etc. I suppose a good
technical manual on a machine that used them would be a good starting
point as well.

Be warned that you need a lot more than the 2901's. They're just the ALU
and registers. You also need some kind of control store sequencer (AMD
would like to you use the 2909, 2910 or 2911), a microprogram (either
stored in ROM or RAM) and a lot of glue logic. I suppose you _could_ go
for a hardwired instruction decode, but you still need a sequenncer for
your machine code program

What I would love to see are the Application Notes for the 2900 series. I
am told there's some fun stuff in some of them - Unibus SMD controllers

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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