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From: Andy Brobston <>
Date: Thu Jun 26 18:38:55 1997

>I see a LOT of traffic about restoring and collecting old computers,
>and the typical member here is one who has a large collection of
>different machines, but except for a rare question about boot disks,
>there isn't much said about using these machines. When I turn on my
>99/4A or Geneve, it isn't primarily to bask in a nostalgic glow, but
>to write something or balance my budget or do some programming.
>Certainly the nostalgic glow is there, and it adds a dimension to
>the computing experience that peecee devotees cannot understand. But
>it IS my primary workhorse, not just a desk queen.

That's part of what I love about my Apple IIGS. I'm the original
owner. I know what this machine has done for me and continues to do
for me. I love its simplicity. In the rare event of a crash, I pretty
much know what the problem is, because I know the machine much better
than anything Wintel came up with or any of the Macincrash line.

>Don't get me wrong; I love to hear about these old machines, so keep
>those messages coming. But I would like to hear from others out there
>who use their obsolete machines (I prefer "non-mainstream machines")
>for practical, everyday, household computing uses.

Well, I'm a college student, so I use my IIGS for writing papers
(though I transfer them to a Mac to print because my Imagewriter II
isn't in good shape - I'll get around to fixing it one of these days).
Mainly, I use it to connect to the campus computer system. I've also
used it to run a BBS, play games, program - more than most people do
with their PeeCees.

>In fact, I'm wondering how widespread my idea is (shared by a
>few, apparently) that the smaller, simpler machines really are well
>suited for home use, and you don't need a high-end peecee for nearly
>everything you want to do.

You bet it is! This machine does everything I want or need it to do
(or at least is capable of it, if I'm too cheap to buy things like a
laser printer).
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