USING classic machines

From: Scott Ware <>
Date: Fri Jun 27 11:23:17 1997

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, DAVID L. ORMAND wrote:

> Don't get me wrong; I love to hear about these old machines, so keep
> those messages coming. But I would like to hear from others out there
> who use their obsolete machines (I prefer "non-mainstream machines")
> for practical, everyday, household computing uses.

I wrote a book last year on a TRS-80 model 100 portable. There's nothing
else in the 4-pound range that can compare to its excellent keyboard and
long battery life (except, of course, the other machines that share the
same design, such as the NEC PC-8201). Unfortunately, the publisher
required everything to be submitted in Word 6 format using a custom
template (to facilitate conversion to SGML, oddly enough), so I had to do
the final editing on a 486.

Scott Ware                 
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