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Date: Fri Jun 27 23:53:26 1997

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>On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, e.tedeschi wrote:
>>I wonder if anybody here has the *exact* months of introduction of the
>>three first *real* home computers introduced in 1977:
>>a) the Apple II
>Okay, all sources for the Apple II seem to agree that it was introduced in
>April, but what date? From memory I would've said April 17th. I decided
>to confirm this with a quick web search and came up with two dates!
>puts the date at April 20, 1977 while
>puts the date at April 17, 1977. Both of these sources have the
>credentials to be accurate. Which date was it? Surely someone here

Well... will have to find the program to check the dates, but the Apple II
was *introduced* at the opening day of the First West Coast Computer Faire
in San Francisco. (I was there - Jim Warren had some *great* stories
around that event!) It created the biggest buzz at the show as I recall...

And then there was that joke that Woz played on Jobs and all of the Altair
(but I'll get to that later)


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