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From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sat Jun 28 10:00:04 1997

> I have a book about marketing, written by a Tandy VP which has a large
> chapter on the birh of the TRS-80. He mentioned the day of the first
> produced unit, (sept 15th I think) and game totals for the first months
> or two (It seemed they only managed 3 computer a day for the first week
> or two).

The august/september was the dates!. Also the first few months were a
learning experience for TANDY ftworth as they didn't know how to properly
handle mos devices, inline QC and do testing non destructively. The early
yeilds were horrendously low! The dry air and mishandling ment most of the
mos and much ttl were no good by time the were in the board or were killed
on the board. I vaguly remember saying when I saw the way things were beign
done "you have got to be kidding!" and several people stated investigating
ESD procedure and manufacturing QC.

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