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From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <>
Date: Sat Jun 28 10:31:57 1997

Well some of my collection gets a good workout. The most notable is
the Commodore 64 running my BBS, the Silicon Realms, which has been
on-line for just over 10 years using 64s (this is the second 64, before
it the BBS was running on my then only 64 and my 128 for a while, all
the original computers still work.) I would say that this BBS is
probably one of the most stable low-end BBSs it can run litterally for
weeks (it is networked to other boards, mind you) without nary a crash.

   Nowadays I can bump my commie BBS to 14.4k and have a 20mghz
accelerator to keep up with the big bards, but alot of that stuff isn't
considered classic yet...

   Across the room (more like spin around in the chair) is the 128,
which I still use to program stuff on as well as create disks for people
and stuff, lately it has seen increased use.

   A PET and a couple 64s made it out of storage for my last BBS
gathering and helped entertain attendees. (Many of the IBM gamers
fondly remembered and played on the 64s for a while.) I think I'll
bring more classics to future ones, (I hope to have asteroids for the
Atari by then, it has a 4-player game option).

   Currently most of the Commodore 64/128 users on the internet are
using terminals and connecting via provider's shell-accounts.

   There is a version of SLIP for the Commodore and also a HTML viewer
(off-line from what I gather), but more and more word on bigger and
better things coming "real soon now". The Wave, a terminal for the GEOS
environment is supposed to have text HTML viewing capabilities, graphics
is a pretty big hurdle for our little machines, it's not in the size per
se (images can be scaled down), but in the volume of processing these
huge image files will require, many of which are 2 to 5 times our
computer's memory! But that never stopped the determined hacker.

               Larry Anderson
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