Interesting S100 boards

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Jun 28 20:10:53 1997

In message <> writes:
> Also have these:
> the Encryptor, Jones Futura Corporation, Model ENC 100-1
> California Computer Systems, Model 2832 [has this big, black 3"x3" square
> and 3/8" thick block of resin on it, have no idea what it's hiding]

I think this is what it says it is - a data encyption/decryption system.

I have a thing called a 'modem maximiser' (a serial port data buffer box with
a real time clock, parallel printer port, etc) that has an optional
encryption unit. It too was a potted module. As I had a few spare modules I cut
one apart and found it contained an 8032 (I think) microcontroller, RAM, a ROM
(I must desolder that and examine it) and a TTL latch. Pretty much what you'd
expect - a little microcontroller that reads in data, encrypts it, and sends
it out again.

> Any idea what this stuff is?
> Sam

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