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Date: Sat Jun 28 19:48:28 1997


I have a vax related board.

It takes 6 x 72pin simms, on board SCSI run by NCR 53C94, and TP
ethernet connection via 15pin D-connector. It uses standard DEC
keyboards for it. It has pair of 40 pin ROM chips.
Plugged into this small motnerboard as a daughterboard is 1mb VRAM
with sound chip and it has Bt458LPJ125 RAMDAC chip feeding to
D-shell with 3 coax connectors in it (sync on green), dual "phone"
jacks with one "reset" button.

It has 8 yellow diagnostic LEDs.

Time of year, made around '90.
It has label sticker:

AB15102Y6U etched into board is GS-2 32491-(sticker says: E02)

I think it's a vax type board but not exactly sure what exactly model
it was?

Type of box that I seen with this board was "pizza box" with no
removeable media just a internal hard drive, the PSU is in long box
with two small fans side to side in it. (Wished I could kept one of
this chassis to house this board.) :(
Thinking of putting Linux on it if there is a different
daughterboards for it with removeable media/video/sound or whatever!


Jason D.
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