'Home' computer: Definition

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Sun Jun 29 10:38:32 1997

> For the sake of discussion in this list, and computer hobbyists in
> general, I would like the world to know that I define 'home computer' as
> any machine that you can:
> * Comfortably fit through your door...
> * Doesn't test the load limits of your target floor...
> * Power and run without tripping your main breaker...
> * (most importantly) Have fun restoring and working with... in your
> home

Great loved it!

What I'd pointed out before is many of the PDP-11s were in the same space
and competing for the same percieved market as the PC.

While some -11s were large like the 11/70 with RP06/7 disks and wanting a
cooled computer room. most were at must one rack and a disk systems that
were more modest in size.

The systems I refered to as desktop were:

   LSI-11/03 (floppy based in short rack 28" tall)
   PDP-11/23+ (in 40" tall rack with RL02 removeable disk and floppy)
   PDT-11/130 (slow tape but it was only vt100 sized!)
   PDT-11/150 (Late 70s early 80s) not large at all. (also called breadbox)
   PRO350 and later 380
   Microvax I/II (ba23 pedestal)
   VS2000 (box slightly larger than DECMATEIII)
   VS3100 (aka pizza box)
These happen to be DEC systems but IBM, HP, DG were all out there too with
desktop sized or desk side minies in disgusise. All very collectable and
also useable!

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