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From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare <foxnhare_at_goldrush.com>
Date: Sun Jun 29 14:02:44 1997

> Also have these:
> the Encryptor, Jones Futura Corporation, Model ENC 100-1
> California Computer Systems, Model 2832 [has this big, black 3"x3" square
> and 3/8" thick block of resin on it, have no idea what it's hiding]
> Any idea what this stuff is?
> Sam

I was reading in the Atari Game Systems FAQ that the 7800 carts are
encrypted with a special encryption and only those encrypted games get
access to the 7800's advanced video resources (otherwise it just gets
2600 resources)... This was a measure by Atari to make sure to get a
share of the profits from 3rd party game developers. There could be a
slight possibility this is an encryption unit for the 7800 game

Currently no one knows (or is saying they know) how to encrypt 7800

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