Strange Tandy 1000HX

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jun 30 18:35:21 1997

On 01-Jul-97, wrote:

>Ok, put in generic 1.44 mb floppy drive and Pow! Why? that oddball

   I don't see much point in this though since the HX's controller won't
handle the 1.44 meg drive anyway. Plus, it'd be easy enough to add a floppy
drive to it, but supposedly neither knock-out plate has been punched out
behind either of the drive bays! This is what prompted my original post.

>I think it used V40 cpu and, it will support 640k by itself by adding
>two bank worth of 256k x 1bit chips and move a jumper, it's on the
>little board with one chip on it. The 62pin bus is backwards and
>upside version of XT bus! Quite a project by itself to create a mini
>adapter using 62pin to a 90 deg slot to use MFM/RLL smallest hd
>controller but very doable via a small homebrew PCB.
>Otherwise use 8bit rom based scsi controller instead and find a
>small scsi hard drive which is much easier and more pleatiful.

   Actually, it's an 8088 running at like 7.16mhz I believe. One needs the
PLUS Memory board to add the memory above 256k, the DMA functions, and the two
additional PLUS connectors for the additional cards. That's a neat idea about
the SCSI though...heck, it'd be a cinch fitting one of the newer drives into
one of the 1" x 3-1/2" drive bays. The only problem would be power to the
drive, since as you've already mentioned, Tandy likes to send the power
through the ribbon cable.

>In truth, 1000HX is very nifty machine in
>appearance and size. But I wished Tandy kept their heads and made
>more useful design in that same shells with 386 and pentium chips in
>it. :))

   Yes, true, but XT class machines were still pretty much the norm for the
low-end in '87 when the HX appeared. I'm glad to be getting another one
though and remember 'PCM' making a big deal about the machine, asking if it
might not be the best 1000-series machine up to that time. Too bad Tandy
didn't at least make it a 286 like the TX which came out about the same time.

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