From: A.R. Duell <ard12_at_eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Sun Mar 16 16:03:17 1997

> Ooo.. "Peanut" (PCJr) keyboards. Anyone have a spare? to sell? anyone know if
> the IR format is documented anywhere? (gleams of having one to talk to my
> palmtop with in my eyes)

I bought a PC-jr for \pounds 10.00 (about $15) at a radio rally (hamfest)
last month. It was complete with the chicklet keyboard, but alas the
transformer unit (mains in, 17V AC out) was missing.

I 'phoned IBM, and amazingly the technical reference was still available,
and cost \pounds 45-ish. So I ordered it. It's a very good manual, with
schematics of the motherboard, RAM card, modem, disk controller, IR
receiver, modem (the only option I don't have), printer port, ROM
cartridge, PSU, CGA monitor, etc. There's also a commented source of the
ROM BIOS, and (appropriate to the above question) the format of the IR
keyboard data. The keyboard schematic is not in the manual, and nor is the
source code for the 80C48 microcontroller in the keyboard. But it should
be possible to use another IR transmitter with the PC-jr (or converserly
to use the PC-jr keyboard with another machine).
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