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From: Scott Walde <>
Date: Thu May 1 09:07:19 1997

> Atari ST1024?

Getting warmer...

> >The moving on to the far end of the table: Apple ][+,
> >Apple //e, Altair 680, Commodore Pet, Commodore CBM Professional Business
> >Computer, Commodore PET 2001, Macintosh (128? 512?), IBM PCjr. Then
> >below the table: TRS-80 Model III and an Atari box.

You'll have to be more careful with the Commodore machines. (You
should be able to be more accurate, even without seeing the

> You forgot the two dual Commodore PET disk drive units, and the four TRS-80
> single mini-disk units holding up the scope...

It's pretty hard to tell the models of drives, they're a 2040 and a

> >Oh, and an oscilliscope (my guess is Tektronix).
> Heathkit? (or an older single channel Tek)

There's nothing really classic about the scope. It's a two channel
20Mhz Iwatsu. (No, I've never heard of them before either.)

> ...and the PCjr has the later model keyboard... No chicklets???

No, and the monitor doesn't vertical lock. You have to keep playing
with the hold knob :-(

> ...and one on its side near the left lower third of the pic that I can't
> ID... (bad angle)

I've never really considered that one a part of my collection,
although I think it now officially qualifies for this list. (i.e. 10
years old.) BIG HINT... it's the first 386 built by the company
that, at the time was one of the biggest clone manufacturers around.
There are plenty other (non-clone) machines by the same company in
this picture.

There are four machines barely exposed in the lower right corner,
that I don't expect anyone to ID. There are, however, two very
distinct original boxes. One under the atari, and one under the
middle commodore machine. There's also all the stuff sitting on top
of the commodore machines. Super bonus marks to anyone who can ID
the thing on top of the scope. (No, it's not really computer related.)

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