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From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Thu May 1 16:28:24 1997

On Thu, 1 May 1997, Jim wrote:

Boy - you strike like lightning when I make a stupid comment! ;) I've
obviously gotta stop talking Apple around here :)))

> Um... if there was ever a ROM02 apple2 GS I've not heard of it. And GSOS
> will work on anything above a ROM0 GS. There were 3 versions of GS that
> I know about.

My attempt is to use the OS that came with the system and I'm not totally
clear on when ProDOS 16 turned into GS/OS. Any ideas?

And of course - the ROM thing was just a silly mistake - thanks for
pointing it out.

> ROM 4 - The next generation. Never made it past prototype. VERY rare.

My question is - was there more than one prototype made? I've only
heard of one. If there were more it might be worth listing it.

> Also, if y'all find an apple2 ethernet board, I would love to get my hands
> on one. They only were made for the GS and again they never came out of
> pre-production.

Last I heard there were only a few of these and that they were in
the hands of Apple or ex- personnel. I wonder if it would be possible
to reproduce it with a schematic...


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