weekend acquisitions 2

From: Paul E Coad <pcoad_at_crl.com>
Date: Mon May 5 04:08:54 1997

Hats off to Sam Ismail. I think that he had the best published weekend
so far.

I hit 3 places this weekend and I picked up:

Commodore VIC-20 (original box without packing foam)
1541 floppy disk drive (box, manual, power cord)
1530 datassette unit (box)
VIC-20 Paddle (VIC-1312 really two paddles on one plug)
Cartridge Software:
 The Sky is Falling (with box)
 Seawolf (with box and instructions)
 Road Race
 The Count
 Voodoo Castle
 Videomania (Creative Software) *
4 cassette tapes of possibly boot-leg VIC software.
Superexpander with 3K Ram cartridge **
8K RAM Cartridge
VIC-1541 Single Drive Floppy Disk User's Manual
Joystick box (empty :-()

PixelPaint (copyright 1987)
Inside The Amiga (book, copyright 1986)
Floppy disk holder (don't know the manufacture date, but likely not classic)

Lime snow cone (thankfully not classic) ***

It was a pretty good weekend. The VIC came with the original receipt
($303 for the VIC, Paddles, Joystick, Seawolf, and The sky... carts.),
and a user's manual. The manual had barely any technical information
in it on the specs for the machine. This is no great surprise since
the word "friendly" is plastered every where on the box. From the List,
it appears that the VIC-1541 is nearly equal to the VIC-20 in processing
power, but has 3K less memory. It also seems very odd that the cassette
unit has no power cord or supply. It must have leeched power from the
host machine through the data port. (I never had a Commodore machine
during their heyday, I had a Sinclair ZX81 and later an Atari 800, so all
of this is new to me.)

* Anyone know what this is? It came loose in the box with the VIC.
** This does not look any different from the 8K cartridge. I'm not
sure what the "Superexpander" part really means. It is not the expander
which allows multiple carts to be plugged in at the same time.
*** It was hot at the flea market.

Total: $12 (including the snow cone).

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