CGL M5 tape

From: Nick Challoner <>
Date: Mon May 5 17:20:45 1997

Hi all...

I picked up a CGL M5 and original rubber-keyed 48K Spectrum
(complete with V23 modem!) a couple months back for a fiver.

The M5 is in very good condition and complete with three cartridges
and numerous original manuals all in perfect condition. It also came
with a tape which i had a little play with today but i can't get
anything but the first program (a screen colour test) to load :-(
Looking at the tape it seems like its been through a dodgy tape deck
at some stage as the tape itself has a couple of deep grooves in it.

So, has anyone got a good tape they could copy for me? For
information it's a grey cassette housing with a purple, green and
white striped label marked "GAME" at the top and "Baseball, ZAC
BANIC" at the bottom on both sides. I'm located in the UK and would
happily send you a cheque to cover the cost of a blank tape and


Nick Challoner       
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