Wanted: Co-Proponent for RFD rec.collecting.computers.classic

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Mon May 5 22:20:11 1997

On Mon, 5 May 1997, Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
> Hi all,
> Due to the shocking absence of a computer collecting newsgroup
> (alt.folklore.computers is used a bit, but doesn't really apply), I'm
> submitting an RFD for rec.collecting.computers.classic. If anyone would
> like to be listed as a co-proponent, let me know. This may entail some
> work in assisting/monitoring the RFD process.
> The RFD will be cross-posted to classiccmp when complete.
> thanks
> Kai

Kai, I don't really mean to slow you down here but aren't there
enough newsproups? cpm has one apple has one macintosh has one.
I mean that's why I joined the mailing list! I really don't want
another newsgroup to get spammed from, the obtuse oldies we can
cover here would never warrent a group but certainly could fill
an archive or a FAQ in this group.

As machines get more rare, their sales value goes up. BUT WE DON'T
WANT TO SELL! I am afraid we will be swamped with offers of CASH
(such a hard thing to say NO to 8-) by clueless yuppie-puppies
who have NO IDEA how to keep the machines running and won't want
to so LOOK clueless and will never visit again after getting their
prize. Then after the *fad* dies down, they will just chuck them
in the trash and they will be gone forever.

That and all the Spam that will fly thru just makes me say NO!
Leave it in a mailing list. Advertise the list - but please - no
more newsgroups.

Bill! How many people on the list now? They maybe only represent
10% of the people who love these clunkers but at least we are all

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