Wanted: Co-Proponent for RFD rec.collecting.computers.classic

From: Kai Kaltenbach <kaikal_at_MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Tue May 6 17:48:57 1997

I agree completely Bill. Here are some reasons I can think of off the
top of my head for starting the newsgroup:

- If we look at The List that has been circulating, only about 1% of
those manufacturers have a comp.os.* group associated.

- Someone who has a classic computer in their closet doesn't want to
join a mailing list just to post a targeted for sale ad.

- We don't want posts from commercial vendors of classic
systems/software/parts filling up our mailboxes, but I'd like to
encourage them to post to the newsgroup.

- alt.folklore.computers is for discussions about folklore (did Gary
Kildall really refuse to sign that IBM nondisclosure, thus dooming
CP/M?) not buy/sell/trade activity.

- A mailing list is an inappropriate place to hold an auction

- Usenet is automatically archived and searchable via DejaNews


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> rec.collecting.computers.classic
> > Keeping it to ourselves is counter productive. The point is to
> share the
> > knowledge to get more people interested to preserve more computers.
> The
> > point is we do this because we have passion for the systems. Every
> hobby
> > is going to be prostituted some time or another. As long as your
> passion
> > remains, its all good.
> Let me clarify, just in case. Anyone with interest can join this
> list.
> If you guys wish to spread the word or post about it in appropriate
> places be my guest.
> I don't stand one way or the other on the newsgroup idea but I think
> it's agood idea to take a look at groups like comp.sys.ti where the
> bulk of the info comes from the mailing list reposts and almost
> everything else is spam. That is the reason why I decided to go with
> a
> mailing list rather than a newsgroup. It seems silly to argue about
> the
> group if the process has already been started - if it gets created it
> will
> either get used or not. If it passes I'll be one of the people
> reading
> it as I'm sure most of you will.
> Bill
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