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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed May 7 01:00:55 1997

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Charles P. Hobbs wrote:

> Speaking of computers in movies, anyone remember a late-1981(?) flick
> called "Evilspeak" where the nerdy kid uses his computer to cast
> Satanic spells (the commercial showed an Apple II with a pentagram on
> the screen!)

Actually, one of the best (in terms of sillyness) was this movie called
DemonSeed where this super-computer becomes sentient, kills its creator,
then creates a metallic penis (I am NOT making this up) that it uses to
impregnant the creator's wife, whom he is holding captive. She has a 30
day (or so) gestation period and gives birth to the computer's child who
grows up to around age 8 or so in about 3 days. I forget what happens
after that. I think the kid just babbles about some philosophical crap
and the movie ends. I recommend it.

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